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Last Couple of Weeks: What we’ve been up to.

Since we bought the boat three weeks ago, we’ve learned a ton…just not how to sail (haha).

Knots. So many knots.

We’ve tackled some small projects right away, but ran into some ownership snags that kept us from starting into the bigger (expensive) projects.

So we continued with inventory. The boat came with 4 full sets of sails and 3 spinnakers. We spread them all out in the local park to decide which ones to use now and which ones need to be sent out for cleaning/repairing. In the end, we decided on a matching set (possibly the storm set, we don’t know) and we’ll send them all out in the fall to be looked after.

We found some surprises along the way that we weren’t anticipating including a cracked gooseneck. But we also found out that we’ve got a 2nd gooseneck on the mast that we can swap out. That’ll be a big project when the time comes. Our nice neighbour offered his expertise with that one (phew).

We took advantage of the sunny weekends to sleep on the boat and get some outside things done, including a cheap version of dog netting. We found out that everything takes longer than it seems and that simple project spanned well into the evening.

We finally sorted out the ownership, insurance, moorage and lined up a captain for some lessons. Now we’re patiently waiting for a good weather window.


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