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Life’s About to Change

March 31, 2023

I had grand plans of keeping this blog up to date with twice weekly posts...then the reality of what we're trying to do set in. The past two months have passed in a blur of sawdust, fibreglass and threads.

Might have been feeling a stress

Over these two months, we've learned we aren't refitting people. Sure, Mark enjoyed making the cabinets in the salon. Once the clock started ticking down, we began looking at time in weeks and days instead of months. The fun projects just became added stress of how to finish them. Spoiler alert: We left with the cabinets installed and 1/2 of the ceiling and lights installed.

The same goes for the dodger and Bimini. Someone said not to take on that large project, but the cost of having a professional do it outweighed trying it myself. I think all is said and done. It took about 60 hours to finish both projects. I managed to sneak in an additional back panel. Still, we don't have the full enclosure I envisioned leaving the dock with. I'll have to quickly get that done so we can use our cockpit while at anchor this spring.

Between those two big projects, we still had to pack up a storage locker, shop, and sell the last of our oversized items. Selling the truck was a huge milestone. For the first time in 25 years, we're without a vehicle to come and go.

The marina's done a lovely job of turning a blind eye to the fact that we've commandeered the entire finger with our belongings for the last week. We slowly chipped away at the pile and managed to have it all packed by Wednesday night.

We shoved off the dock for the last time Thursday morning in some of the more challenging conditions Mark's had to deal with. We pointed the bow towards Nanaimo and enjoyed every point of sail on the 7-hour passage.

Now, we're sitting on a mooring ball, decompressing from the stress of getting our lives packed into a floating tube and detaching from the dock we called home for the last 14 months. It still doesn't seem real. How'd we get here, and more importantly, where the hell are we going next?!??! We don’t know, but for now we’re going to enjoy it here.

NM sailed: 35



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