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S.V Crew’s Control – Our Accidental Race Boat

When we set out to buy our first boat, we wanted two things: one to learn on and one that could safely cruise the BC Coast. We both agreed we didn’t want or need a race boat.

When novices go buying boats from another beginner, shit happens.

In my humble opinion, Crew’s Control is super cool. It’s in rough shape but it floats, so it gets a 10 (shout out to Captain Q)!

We’ve had the boat for a week, it feels like we have a million things to do. We’re completely out of our depth and everything is new for us. So far we’ve replaced the main halyard, washed the Genoa lines, and completed the inventory (why do we have so much adhesive?!).

Our first goal is to get the boat and dogs sail-ready. Sprocket already loves hanging out at the dock… We’ll see what happens when the boat starts moving.

After that we’ll turn our attention to the interior.

1st mate Sprocket



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