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Some Goodbyes Aren’t so Tough: Moving Aboard the New Boat

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

February 2, 2022

Funny thing about buying a boat, selling the other one and deciding to move aboard in the span on 4 months…you just get too busy to keep a website (with a whopping daily average of 5 visitors) updated. A lot has happened since ’ol Crew’s Control…probably worth a separate post, but long story short – we sold the first boat, bought a second, sold our apartment and are moving aboard….in February.

I (Jaclyn) spent the last month clearing out the apartment, selling or giving away all of the things we wouldn’t be taking. Mark, on the other hand, had the minor task of making the boat liveable. I’m not sure which of us had it worse.

Getting the new fridge space ready

I thought giving up the luxury apartment we had would be tough. I’d miss the unlimited heat, hot water, the indoor parking and space. I never thought I’d look back and consider 600 square feet to be a lot. But I packed the apartment up, cleared it out and handed over the keys to the cleaner. Nothing. No sadness, no regret. Just nothing.

Someone will miss the space

Then I got to the boat. Our shit was everywhere. I thought we’d done a good job of getting rid of things, but there was so much. And it was cold. So cold. Mark, however, is happy as a clam (possibly a frozen one).

The galley is basically one big jigsaw puzzle

Oh well. We’ve come too far to turn back now! Might as well make some soup and unpack.


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