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Will Travel for Mattresses: Living our Best Land Life

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

April 9, 2022

Our V berth mattress is finally ready!

It’s been a couple months that we’ve lived aboard and even though we love it, we still jump at the chance to spend a weekend on solid ground. We’re happy to use the excuse of picking up our new mattress as a reason to pack up the dogs and book a hotel in Victoria for the weekend.

Mark booked what he thought was a dog friendly room at the Hotel Grand Pacific in downtown Victoria. It was a real luxury having a room that was bigger than the boat. The dogs were stoked to run around the room, which turned out not to be pet friendly (oops). We were just happy to stretch out on the sofa and watch TV.

Surprisingly for April, it was still pretty cold. We bundled up and took a long stroll around the city. I (Jaclyn) haven’t spent much time in Victoria before so it was nice to see the sights. I can’t say the highlight was the food. We had some okay-ish coffees and lack lustre dumplings. But we had a great time poking around all the shops in Chinatown. The big plans we had for finding a good dinner was replaced with staying in and taking advantage of lounging in the hotel.

Land life was short-lived and we were back on the boat by the end of the weekend, with a new V berth mattress in tow.

More importantly, the mattress fits perfectly and it’ll be nice to be able to sleep with a little more space.

So much space!

Big beds are the best

Can’t wait to sleep here

Fits like a glove


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