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The Crew

We’re Mark and Jaclyn and we’ve always had a passion for adventure and spontaneous plans...especially once we put down something that starts to feel like roots.

We knew we wanted more than corporate jobs and a nice apartment in the city for ourselves. So we bought a sailboat with a five year plan to go cruising….except we don’t do well with long term plans. So we bought another boat. We sold the first boat, our apartment and are now happily living aboard while we wait out our next move. In the meantime, we’re sailing around the PNW.

The Captain

Mark, an IT Professional by trade, now spends the bulk of his time pretzeled into small spaces refitting the boat. Electrician, plumber, engineer and chief mast climber are just some of his specialties these days. 

The Admiral

Jaclyn, chief navigator and mediocre sewer, tackles the interior projects and keeps the crew fed. Lives by the saying “one sailboat is a sailboat. Two sailboats is a regatta”. 

Bonus Crew

Sprocket. Likes food, chasing squirrels, burying sticks. Dislikes cats.

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Mark and Sprocket keeping watch at sea
Jaclyn very seriously helming the sailboat
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