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Nautical Rope

The Boat

Clear Horizons - Our Bluewater World Cruiser

Clear Horizons is one of forty two FastPassage 39 sailboats. She’s designed by Bill Garden and was built in Sidney, British Columbia in 1979. She’s a kit boat, meaning the hull was built by Philbrooks but the interior was owner finished. As a result, she’s a little more unique from the rest of the fleet.  We’ve come to find out the the original owner purposely built out a more spartan interior for a lighter finish. She’s the only sloop in the fleet with a shorter mast and boom than the others. For us, she’s the perfect liveaboard for our cruising adventures.

Read the sail boat data here.

Over the years, the previous owners have done some significant upgrades and we’ve also done our fair share. Her major upgrades include:

  • New Beta Marine engine

  • New sails - 115% jib, main and spinnaker

  • 800 watts solar

  • 400 watt wind generator

  • LifePo4 battery bank

  • B&G electronics and autopilot

  • Watermaker

  • Custom V berth mattress

  • Induction cooktop

  • Alcohol stove

  • 95 L Dometic fridge/freezer

  • New salon flooring

  • Liferaft 


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