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Hello New Floor

August 6, 2022

Now that we'd been cruising for a bit, we realized the carpet, which was meant to be

temporary, needed to go. The problem we kept having was matching the salon flooring to the original galley flooring we would be keeping.

This wasn't a new problem for us. It's been a problem since we bought the boat. But we just couldn't come to an agreement. We flip-flopped over vinyl planks, a mismatched wooden floor, or even just a painted floor. Finally, enough was enough, and we decided it was time to make a final decision. If we didn't like it, we'd add it to our growing list of "Mexico Problems" and deal with it later. But for now, the carpet had to go (spoiler alert: the carpet reappears).

We decided that since we couldn't handle a slightly mismatched floor, we should go for a really mismatched floor. After much googling, we settled on a tile-look printed vinyl. It was inexpensive, so if it arrived and we hated it, it would be a fine stopgap.

It arrived just in time for the weekend, and we figured we could get it installed quickly. We pulled the old carpet out, used it as our template and (hesitantly) cut the new floor.

I'll spare the details, but the floor was installed with a bit of tape and a lot of glue, some swearing and only a few "oops" moments. Looks like this won't get added to our "Mexico Problem" list after all.

Surprisingly, we finished early and took a dinghy ride around Richmond with the dogs.


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